Collection: Conklin DuraFlex Demonstrator

Demonstration Art

The Conklin Pen Company is proud to unveil the Limited Edition Duraflex™ Demonstrator. A translucent pen that features the dazzling inner workings of the Duraflex. Inspired by and named after past salesman aid tools to ‘demonstrate’ their products. 

Machined to perfection using strong handmade clear resin, each pen is substantial in size with an embellished flat-top design that displays the Conklin Est.1898 logo, while the band bears the famous Conklin® model script and crescents. Each pen is tastefully engraved with the collection name and limited edition number alongside the barrel. The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and can post on the end of the barrel. The pen can use a standard international ink cartridge or the included converter. Each Duraflex™ pen is one of a kind, created to highlight the everlasting beauty of writing with a fountain pen.