Collection: Pineider Psycho

Modern Art

The Pineider Psycho is a one of a kind, unique and elegant pen that would become the crown jewel of every writer’s collection. Each pen has been created with the same materials and concepts utilized by famed Florentine jewelers; precious or semi-precious metals, high thickness plating, lost wax castings, and luxury packaging. This is the epitome of ‘handmade’. 

It is available in three different color trims: palladium, rose gold, or gold plated. Psycho’s unique weaved design was created using an ultra-high pressure casting technique called nanofusion. The endless semi-transparent interweaving of connections gives Psycho the indisputable status of modern art. In the functional shape of a pen.

Each pen arrives with a small desk set/gift box that contains everything a writer may want. Included are some renown Pineider luxury stationery, two bottles of black ink, the very popular Pineider Snorkel for filling your converter from a bottle, and the Pineider Pen Filler. A unique way to fill your pen from a traveling reservoir of your favorite ink.

The Psycho fountain pen features Pineider’s 14K iperflex nib in extra fine, fine, medium and broad. The pen fills via standard cartridge or converter. The matching rollerball is every bit as beautiful for those who prefer rollerball writing. Psycho clearly is a combination of the finest writing experience with art made in Florence, Italy. Add this to your collection and you’ll truly have a showpiece to treasure.