Collection: Pininfarina Forever Modula

Never Seen This Before

Modula is the latest addition to the Forever collection. A multifunctional stylus, born from the collaboration with the designer Luigi Trenti, with the particularity of having a double tip.

By unscrewing the various modules, it can be used as a graphite tip for pencil-like writing/drawing or as a common ballpoint. Modula can also be composed in different ways by shortening it, eliminating one of the two points, obtaining a more versatile instrument. Available in three striking colors of blue, black or red.

The graphite based tip is great for drawing, shades beautifully or performs as a typical pencil. It lasts Forever, hence the name. The ballpoint writes like a typical ballpoint. We offer a medium point Liquid Ink Mini Ballpoint refill. It utilizes a low viscosity ink available in 10 different color choices.