Collection: Yookers Gaia

Fiber Tip Classic

We're disappointed to report YOOKERS has discontinued this GAIA collection.  We are selling our remaining pieces at close-out prices.  

Combining YOOKERS fiber tip technology with a handsome marble resin body creates one reaction. Wow. This is a smashing winner for writers everywhere. The marble resin bodies are light but strong. The cap screws on.

Not familiar with the fiber tip technology? It’s not what you may think; flimsy and streaky. In fact, choose any tip offered from .8mm to 1.4mm and you’ll get a wet, easy to apply line just like you’d want. The thousands of previous YOOKERS customers almost always come back and add the other tips. Its fiber tip line is defined that precisely.

Write in Any Color

Fill your YOOKERS via a cartridge or converter. The best feature all YOOKERS share is you can choose any bottled ink you want. It takes standard international cartridges which also come in 30 plus colors.