Collection: Aurora Refills

Endless Possibilities

Refill your Aurora fountain pen with a converter and any brand of bottled ink. The Optima pens are bottle-fill only.  We currently offer over thirty of our own stunning bottled ink colors . If you choose to refill your Aurora fountain pen with ink cartridges, you will need to utilize Aurora branded ink cartridges or Parker branded ink cartridges only, available in large capacity black or blue colors.

Choices abound when refilling your Aurora rollerball pen. Standard rollerball points from Aurora, Monteverde, Schmidt and Visconti, as well as fineliner refills.

Standard ballpoint ink refills are offered from Aurora, Schmidt and Visconti; liquid and gel ink refills from Monteverde and Visconti. The color choices are amazing. Choose your mode of writing below and explore all of the possibilities to ‘refill’ your Aurora pen.