Collection: Ballpoint Refills

Ballpoint Refills Explained

Here you will see every ballpoint refill we carry. Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at 720.259.1601. Even better, take a quick snap with your camera and send the image to us at: 720.259.1601

In most cases, if you twist the top or click the top of your pen, it is a ballpoint and one of these options will fit. Hint. 99% of the time the numbers you see on your dry refill identify when the refill was made but not its stock number. 

The first step is to decide if your pen takes a common Parker-Style refill or your brand of pen has a proprietary shape. An example of proprietary shapes are Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Mont Blanc and Fisher. Luckily, we have exact copies of these shapes for Mont Blanc, Cross and Sheaffer.

Options. Below, choose either the most common refill of all, Parker-Style or the Proprietary Refills. Here’s what a Parker-Style refill looks like. 

Notice the ‘crown’ at the top. This identifies your refill as a Parker-Style.