Repair & Warranty Information

1. Is my pen purchase covered under warranty?
2. How can I contact the repair center directly?
3. How much will it cost?
4. How long will it take?
5. How should I send it?
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Q1: Is my pen purchase covered under warranty? 

Colorado Pen Direct does not have any parts for your pen. We do not conduct any on-site repair. For a direct link to your pen’s maker, just click here.

A: Absolutely. We stand solidly behind every brand we choose to offer. Most manufacturers warranty their products for a year or more. Check the warranty that came with the pen or contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

No brand warrants against anything more than a mechanical defect. If it is their fault they will warranty the repair. If it is wear and tear or breakage, they will charge a fair repair fee if you agree to the charges. Please contact the manufacturer for details. Visit our Manufacturer's List page for the manufacturer's specific contact information.



Q2. How can I contact the repair center directly? 

A: We have listed contact information for consumers to speak directly with your Brand's Service Team. Should you call any of these brands for service, mention Colorado Pen Direct as the seller. It will assure a high level of service.

Click here for a list of our pen manufacturers.


Q3. How much will it cost? 

$24 Shipping to the repair center and back to us.
Then shipping back to you. (3 times $8 each way)
$ Amount to be determined after inspection
Any service charge from the manufacturer is billed at the actual cost charged to us.


Q4. How long will it take?
1. When we receive your item we will email or call you acknowledging receipt within 15 days of receipt.
2. If and when an additional charge is required for repair we will contact you for your approval.
3. When your item is returned to you an email will be sent with tracking information. Expect a minimum of six to eight weeks for the repair of your item.


Q5. How should I send it?

1. DO NOT SEND YOUR RETURN IN A PAPER ENVELOPE. You can return your item in any packaging you wish but please be clear that you are insuring safe arrival of your shipment, not us. If you choose to send your items in an envelope WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY WHEN YOU ARE THE SHIPPER. When we ship to you, we are liable.

2. When you return an item to us YOU ARE RELEASING Colorado Pen Direct from ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER relating to the acceptance and POSSESSION of your property.

3. To improve your level of customer service please contact us by filling out the form below or by calling us at 720.259.1601  before sending any items back to us.


Q6. Send Us a Message:

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