Collection: Sensa Refills

We Make Sense of Sensa Refills

We have rollerball and ballpoint refills for your retired or newer Sensa pen.

The ballpoint refills are slightly different based upon the age of your Sensa. Please compare your Sensa ballpoint refill to those shown and you should easily see the difference. The older styles use the Fisher ballpoint refill while the newer style needs the Parker-style option. We have up to eight color choices in ballpoint refills for your Sensa. We offer Monteverde GEL and Liquid ink ballpoint refills to fit your Sensa.

Older (more than five years) Sensa rollerball pens will only take our Schmidt 8126 option (our Item R4611) or the Montegrappa version. Newer Sensa rollerballs fit any standard-sized rollerball refill.