Collection: Sheaffer Refills

It's a Bit Complicated

Sheaffer and Ferrari by Sheaffer fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints fit refills made by Sheaffer.

There is only one exception to this rule. That is the Monteverde refill for Sheaffer (and Ferrari) ballpoint pens. You can choose liquid or gel ink in the Monteverde replacements, as well as an array of ink colors. Sheaffer ballpoint refills contain oil-based, waxy ink. They are an exact match to the refill that originally came with your Sheaffer or Ferrari ballpoint pen.

If you are refilling a Sheaffer or Ferrari rollerball, you need to compare your old refill to the two Sheaffer options shown. One, much larger in diameter and shorter, fits all earlier Sheaffer rollerball pens. The other SLIM Sheaffer rollerball refill fits most newer models of Sheaffer rollerballs. If this is the correct size, you can choose from a number of other manufacturers' refills, all of which are shown.

Have a Sheaffer or Ferrari fountain pen? Sheaffer makes two ink cartridges, Older pens (more than five years)  fit the Sheaffer cartridge which is different from any other ink cartridge on the market. (Our Item F3701).  A few newer models fit any international sized ink cartridge (Our Item F0608).  You can also refill your Sheaffer or Ferrari fountain pen with an ink converter and the huge selection of bottled inks we offer.