Collection: Rotring Refills

No Pens, But Refills Abound

Rotring pens and pencils take a wide variety of fountain pen, ballpoint, pencil and rollerball refills.

If your Rotring pen twists or clicks at the top to deploy the point, it's a ballpoint. Check out the Ballpoint Refills for Rotring window below. Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, three point sizes and ten different colors. Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink.

Your Rotring mechanical pencil takes a specific size lead. Various pencil options are offered and the replacement lead needs to match the size of the original lead. You may have a .5mm or .7mm pencil.

Rotring fountain pens, including those in the popular calligraphy set, fit any brand of standard international-sized ink cartridges. Colorado Pen and Private Reserve offer a wide range of ink colors in these cartridges. You may opt to use the ink converter that came with your Rotring fountain pen. Then you can choose from any brand of bottled ink, including the huge Colorado Pen bottle, specially formulated to clean as you write.

If your pen has a removable cap and isn't a fountain pen, it's a rollerball! Click on the Rollerball refills for Rotring window below. The options are amazing.

If you have a Rotring multi-pen, the ballpoint refills can be replaced using the Monteverde liquid ink mini ballpoint we offer. If your multi-pen has a pencil option, you will need to know the correct size of lead to place the correct order.