Return Policy

Return Policy

Should you decide to return merchandise to us, we stipulate the following conditions:


1. All items must be returned within 30 days of receipt.

2. Items must be returned with its exact original packaging intact.

3. The item returned must be resalable. If the pen shows any usage it cannot be resold. A partial credit will be issued.

4. Engraved items cannot be returned.

5. Please allow 15 working days for return shipping and processing.

6. Clearly state your reason for the return of the item and return it in a box to avoid damage.

7. Please ship any items via an insured carrier and one which requires a signature upon delivery. This is for your protection. We cannot be held responsible for any items lost or damaged while in transit to us.

8. Returned items may incur a restocking fee of up to 15%. Inked fountain pens are subject to a replacement nib charge if damage has occurred. Please inquire if you have any questions.

9. PLEASE BE AWARE! If we correctly shipped what you ordered, and you find that the item is incorrect for your needs, return the incorrect item(s) along with your credit card information or a check for $6.50. An additional shipping cost must be charged so we can deliver the correct items.

10.  If you choose to return goods to us, any shipping charges that may have been incurred, will not be refunded.

11. Any shipments refused at the point of delivery incur a 25% restocking fee.  (merchandise + shipping to you + shipping back and restocking)

How should I send it?


1. DO NOT SEND YOUR RETURN IN A PAPER ENVELOPE. You can return your item in any packaging you wish but please be clear that you are insuring safe arrival of your shipment, not us. If you choose to send your items in an envelope WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY WHEN YOU ARE THE SHIPPER. When we ship to you, we are liable.

2. When you return an item to us YOU ARE RELEASING Colorado Pen Direct from ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER relating to the acceptance and POSSESSION of your property.

3. To improve your level of customer service please contact us by calling us at 720.259.1601  before sending any items back to us.

Return your item to:

Attn: Returns 

Colorado Pen

608 Garrison Suite F

Lakewood, CO 80215