Collection: Schmidt Refills

Confused? We Can Help

If you have a Schmidt branded pen or refill, it is best to compare your old refill to the options shown below for rollerballs and ballpoints. If you are unsure which refill fits your Schmidt pen, please give us a call at 720-259-1601.

Schmidt Capless Rollerball refills include a long 8216 rollerball refill (our Item 4611) a shorter P8216 rollerball refill (our Item 4612) or a Parker-style ballpoint refill.

If you have used a Schmidt standard-sized rollerball refill in any brand of pen, again it is best to compare the old refill to those currently offered. We carry the Schmidt 5888 rollerball refill (our item R4606) to replace Schmidt 888. They fit and write the same.

It you find that a Parker-style ballpoint refill looks like your old refill, view all the different options shown in the Schmidt Ballpoint Refills window below.