Collection: Montblanc Refills

Monteverde for Montblanc

In 2008, we began offering Monteverde for Montblanc refills for the significant additional colors and point choices that were made available. We eventually dropped the Montblanc branded refills due to the infrequent availability and lack of colors offered. Our customers have been thrilled at the quality, colors and of course, significantly lower price. 

The Monteverde refills you will view are liquid ink and gel ink. To view the properties of these inks, visit our Refill University.

Most Montblanc ballpoint pens accept our Monteverde for Montblanc liquid ink or gel ink refills. There's a variety of color options and point sizes in either option. 

The Monteverde rollerball refill for Montblanc fits Montblanc rollerball pens. One exception is the Montblanc LeGrand rollerball pen. That takes a larger refill which is only available from Montblanc. 

For your Montblanc fountain pen we offer the international-sized ink cartridges from Colorado Pen. This cartridge fits your Montblanc fountain pen perfectly. Our customers love the quality of the ink. If you prefer to use your ink converter and bottled ink, take a look at our large selection of bottled inks.