Collection: S.T. Dupont Refills

Got You Covered

S.T. Dupont fountain pens fit any brand of standard international-sized ink cartridges. Colorado Pen and Private Reserve offer a wide range of ink colors in this size cartridge. You may opt to use the ink converter that came with your pen and refill with bottled ink. Then you can choose from any brand of bottled ink, including Colorado Pen, Private Reserve or Waterman. We have those, in all kinds of colors.

If your S.T. Dupont pen twists at the top to deploy the point, it's a ballpoint. Check out the Ballpoint Refills for S.T. Dupont window below. Older pens (more than five years) usually take the thin refill.  Most newer models fit the Parker-style options. 

We also carry the supplies you need to keep your S.T. Dupont multi-pen running. These include liquid ink mini ballpoint refills from Monteverde and pencil lead in .5mm and .7mm diameters.

If your pen has a removable cap and isn't a fountain pen, it's a rollerball! We offer a popular Monteverde rollerball ink option in blue or black.