Collection: Fountain Pen Refills for Sheaffer

Sheaffer Pen Lovers - Patience is a Virtue

Sheaffer is experiencing manufacturing issues.  We hope they will be resolved shortly.  There have been major delays in delivery of all their refills -- and then magically some show up.  But the queues are long.  Please be prepared for a delay in delivery to you.  If you do not see your desired option listed, it means we are not selling that backordered product at this time. 

Have a Sheaffer or Ferrari fountain pen? Sheaffer makes two ink cartridges, Older pens (more than five years)  fit the Sheaffer cartridge which is different from any other ink cartridge on the market. (Our Item F3701).  A few newer models fit any international sized ink cartridge (Our Item F0608).  You can also refill your Sheaffer or Ferrari fountain pen with an ink converter and the huge selection of bottled inks we offer.