Collection: Proprietary Ballpoint Refills

The Outliers

Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Montblanc and Fisher offer ballpoint pens which will only take their proprietary shape. Luckily, we have exact copies of these shapes for Mont Blanc, Cross and Sheaffer. These are produced by Monteverde USA and are equal to or better than the original refill. Guaranteed.

Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at 720.259.1601.

In most cases, if you twist the top or click the top of your pen, it is a ballpoint and one of these options will fit. 99% of the time the numbers you see on your dry refill identify when the refill was made but not its stock number. You can scroll down to locate your brand of refill and identify one that looks the same, then view the length under "Specifications" and measure your old refill to confirm you've got the right fit.

But don't stop there, be sure to look for other manufacturer's options that are the same size and configuration. You may have other ink and point size choices. For example, Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, three point sizes and ten different colors. Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink. 

  • If there’s no brand obvious, look at the very top and the very bottom to match your dry refill
  • You either have the world’s most common refill, Parker Style or you have one of these proprietary brands: Montblanc, Lamy, Cross or Waterman all shown below.