Collection: Fountain Pens

Could this be any more fun?

As you can imagine, we’re fountain pen geeks. We love the feel of ink free flowing from our thoughts, onto the page. From simple note taking to journaling, we have every type of pen you could desire. Here you’ll find fountain pens from $20 to $3,500. From entry level daily writer pens, to pens designed and built like the finest pieces of hand-crafted jewelry. Which you ultimately choose depends strictly upon your needs.

Cheap Fountain Pens 

These are fun writers that are a great way to experience fountain pen writing. No worries here as they all can use a simple ink cartridge or any bottle ink. Just insert your cartridge and you are ready to begin a lifetime love affair with the freedom of liquid ink writing. Our picks represent our best-selling pens in this category. Proven to be favorites among our customers. They all represent a tremendous value.

Fun with pens

What’s the difference between a $20 fountain pen and a $200 pen? The price of a fountain pen is determined by the material used for the barrel and cap. The nib and feed system come next. Finally, is the packaging; the box it comes in. The writing tip, referred to as the ‘nib’, lays down your ink after it travels through the feed system. We offer steel nibs, gold nibs and some rare nibs made from platinum and palladium. A steel nib costs about $5 to produce. A gold nib about $60. This is the nib cost to the brand who at least triples that cost before selling the pen to us. What’s the difference? Not much unless you are a skilled calligrapher. We have steel nibbed pens which write beautifully. A gold nib, usually 18k or higher, will have more flex when forming letters which to many writers is not a prime consideration whatsoever. If your goal is to learn to hand letter and calligraphy appeals to you, then certainly give a gold, platinum or palladium nib a try.

How to choose? How does price matter?

If you are a first-time fountain pen buyer we’d suggest a less expensive pen. Every pen we offer will work perfectly; guaranteed. Don’t let a cheap price cause you to wonder, “How well does this little writer actually work?” Here’s an example based upon price. Many of our customers who own the very finest fountain pens, above $500, very often keep a few ‘cheap writers’ handy. Consider the Padrino Grid, Schmidt or Monteverde Aldo Domani. This gets you a quality German nib and ink feed (the little back thing under the nib), a quality body and comes in a flat not very impressive package. Some brands will spend up to $50 on a box alone. 

How to find your new fountain pen

Just below you can filter all these options by price range.  We’re sure you’ll find a pen which will perfectly match your needs.