Collection: Pineider

Forever Florence



In 1774, the Italian Francesco Pineider, opened his first shop in the heart of Florence. He chose the magnificent Piazza della Signoria, opposite Michelangelo’s, striking work, David. 

Ever since, Pineider has been one of the world’s most respected makers of hand-dyed and watermarked stationery, leather goods, desk sets, and select home furnishings. Quite an impressive portfolio. Fine pens are the perfect fit.


Just a few years ago, Dante del Vecchio, the designer behind many landmark introductions from Visconti, has joined Pineider to deliver pens which match the incomparable quality behind this storied Florentine brand. 

As you can see, del Vecchio’s focus is on the writer and their needs, not just dynamic designs. The fountain pen filling Snorkel is ingenious. The Pen Filler allows one to travel with their own supply of ink. The see-through ballpoint and rollerball refills relieve one of not knowing how much ink remains.