Collection: Aurora Limited Edition Ortigia

Calming Waters

The sixth city of Aurora’s Secret Journey to Italy is Ortigia. It’s known for being a very historic area of Syracuse. Not everyone knows the legend of the Fonte di Arethusa. In this place, the goddess Diana, transformed the nymph Arethusa, into a spring of water to protect her from Alfeo. 

In this Limited Edition of 888 fountain pens, the resin’s colors of water and stone are further reinforced with the intense turquoise of the included bottle of ink. The bottle is custom wrapped in a scene from Ortigia. This 18k nib is available in fine, medium, and broad. It fills via Aurora’s respected piston fill system. The box is lacquered wood and has a custom sleeve recognizing the Limited Edition status.

These are the last few pieces of this Limited Edition. We are pleased to be able to offer you special pricing.