Collection: Clean the House

This year we enter our 25th Anniversary. Been a long time. In these years we have accumulated a significant amount of pens which we refer to as homeless. These are samples sent to us, pens which have been discontinued, some are engraving errors, some might even have an obscure scratch due to age, and some are retail store oddities like our Sheaffer Scrip ink bottle which will hold a quart of ink! Or the Nineties Yard O’Lead sterling ballpoint. There’s even a handmade David Oscarson Michel Perchin.

From Our House to Yours

We find it unfortunate these pens aren’t enjoyed. Many are collections which have been gone for a decade or more. Many of these pens are very collectable at dirt cheap prices. Our goal is not profit but to move these pens to someone who will treasure them.

All House Cleaning sales are final.

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