Collection: Conklin Heritage Word Gauge

90 Years of History

Did you know that the Heritage Word Gaugeā„¢ Collection evolved from another famous ConklinĀ® pen? The Word Gauge began as a variation of the classic Conklin Nozac. The Nozac, a collection released in 1931, took the world by storm with their patented American made piston-filler system. This ā€˜no sacā€™ design gave the company great advantage over its competition, boasting an attractive slogan, ā€œThe pen that winds like a watch.ā€ Due to their successes, some of the later models came affixed with an opaque window to view your ink level.

Ā In hopes of further demonstrating the great ink supply of its pens, ConklinĀ® designed the Nozac Word Gaugeā„¢ in 1932. Featuring a similar design, the Word Gaugeā€™s opaque window came engraved with numbered gradations to indicate how many words could be written with the remaining ink. By giving the user a visible ink supply and a gauge, an estimate could be made on how long the ink would continue to flow before the pen needed to be refilled.Ā 

Word Gauge 2020
Now featuring a modern design with alluring colors, the Heritage Word Gaugeā„¢ boasts a transparent window in the barrel of each pen, a truly unique feature exclusively available with this collection. Each Word Gauge comes with a built-in piston-filling system for, ā€œstraight out of the bottle ink fillingā€. Simply dip your nib into the ink bottle and twist the piston located at the back end of the pen body. Filling your pen directly from a bottle allows limitless ink choices!

Each Word Gaugeā„¢ is made from strong, unique resin and is available in three stunning colors: Black with sleek Gunmetal accents, Blue or Turquoise, both paired with chrome trim. Along the front of each barrel is the name of the collection, tastefully engraved. Word Gauge is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or OmniFlexā„¢. The OmniFlexā„¢ nib made by JoWo or Germany, allows the user to vary your line from very thin to very wide.