Collection: Delta Duna

Your Duna is One of a Kind

Delta, the renowned Italian pen brand has been creating stunning and distinct pens since the 1980s. It has recently made a triumphant return after it ceased operations in 2010. This new Delta brand has been personally revitalized by Nino Marino, one of Delta's co-founders. Mr. Marino knows how to deliver fine pens.

Delta’s newest model is named "Duna," which embodies Delta's quintessential essence. The pen's simple yet elegant design includes a vintage style with a classic ball clip and conical tip. Notice the smooth action piston-filling mechanism and ink window that enable the user to keep track of ink levels.

The cap's tapering shape emphasizes its graceful silhouette, while the high-quality Italian resin used for the color lineup is impressive, with a marble pattern that exudes a Mediterranean charm that is unique to Italian fountain pens. No two Duma have the same resin pattern. Each body is unique to you.

Trim choices abound. Choose from Reflex Grey and Gunmetal trim, Horizon Yellow with Yellow Gold trim, Mirage Magenta with Chrome trim or the enticing Oasis Blue with Rose Gold trim.

Steel nib choices include a flex specification that allows the user to alter the line thickness by varying the pressure applied to the nib. Choose from EF, F, M, B or Fine Flex. Refills from bottled ink.