Collection: Delta Lucky Pen

Best of Luck Italian Style!

Delta presents the Lucky collection of luxury writing instruments. They stand apart as the World's only pens that offer the promise of good fortune! Inside the clip of every version of this new, hand-made collection, Delta blesses their customers with a "corno-pepperoncino" , (yes, a red pepper), which is a traditional symbol of good fortune and is believed to ward off evil. Whoa! Interestingly, the red pepper symbolizes the same thing to the people of the American Southwest as well as many other cultures worldwide. The chili simply unscrews from the clip to enjoy separately.

The fountain pen features a smooth flowing stainless steel nib that lets your thoughts flow freely. The Lucky is available in a wide variety of nibs and writing modes, making it the perfect companion for any task. The fountain pen utilizes standard international cartridges for easy, on-the-go filling or a converter for bottles.

The two-piece rollerball features liquid ink writing. The ballpoint is a convenient twist-top.

Each Lucky Delta writing instrument will give you years and years of performance. All this good fortune is built into every Lucky Pen exclusively by Delta. How lucky can you get?