Collection: Delta Spaccanapoli

Works of Art

In Naples, Italy, one of the oldest and most iconic streets is called Spaccanapoli. It serves as a quintessential hub of history and culture, whilst igniting inspiration among artists and creatives. From this storied milieu emerges Delta’s exclusive collection of writing instruments, each meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence and vitality of Spaccanapoli. More than mere writing tools, these pens represent true works of art, meticulously designed to capture the vibrant atmosphere and distinct hues of Naples.

Priced Below Market?
A definite value. The Spaccanapoli is hand turned from a solid bar of resin; not injection molded. This provides a feeling of quality in the hand. The simplicity of design produces a clean line for either the fountain pen or two-piece rollerball. The Spaccanapoli fountain pen features Delta’s own steel nib available in extra fine through broad. It fills via cartridge or the included converter. The rollerball takes standard international refills. We have a wide selection to customize your pen.

The Blue, Orange and Black all make a very different personal statement. These are classic fine writing colorations. The price for this level of Italian solid resin writers makes Spaccanapoli a must have.