Collection: Diplomat Excellence A2 Gunmetal Guilloche

German Excellence Here

Introducing the all-new Excellence A², a masterpiece of timeless design with a stunning black body adorned with elegant guilloche stripes. The pen shifts colors as you hold and turn it. From gray to shiny black as it captures the light.

Diplomat has been one of the most respected German manufacturers for decades. This exceptional collection showcases an innovative and exclusive closure system, ensuring a smooth and soft sliding click that enhances the overall writing experience.

One additional notable upgrade is the metal spring-loaded clip, providing effortless portability. You can easily secure the pen to your pocket or folder, adding convenience to your everyday use.

The fountain pen’s black chrome nib is available in extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. The Diplomat steel nib flows effortlessly. A converter is of course provided for bottle ink. The rollerball accepts the standard international refills. The twist to deploy ballpoint accepts our most common refill. Colors and technologies galore.