Collection: Diplomat Funky Traveller

Those ‘Funky Germans’

Grab your oldest tie-dye and a pair of ratty bell bottoms then order one of these Diplomat Funky Travelers. The Traveler has been a dependable entry price into the fine writing world of one of Germany’s preeminent pen manufacturers. Diplomat is uber committed to excellence and it shows in all their collections.

Which best matches your tie-dye? Funky Green, Funky Blue, Funky Fuchsia or Funky Petrol? This Traveler is made in fountain, rollerball, ballpoint, and a .5mm pencil. Don’t restrict your choice to just one color!

The fountain pen offers a steel Diplomat nib in fine or medium. It uses a standard international cartridge. Add an optional converter if you want to use bottled inks. The two-piece rollerball style provides a fluid writing experience. The ballpoint not only accepts the world’s most offered refill but it features the writer’s favorite click-top deployment. The .5mm pencil is rarer than a vintage tie-die. Create your own set.