Collection: Diplomat Nexus

Writing Introduction of the Year 2022

Unique Ink Control

The Diplomat 100 Nexus celebrates not just 100 years of fine writing instruments but also introduces to the market a unique ink control system. Never again fear ink leaking during travel. Your ink is sealed, safe and sound. 

The large capacity upper body of the pen fills via a pipette (included) or an eyedropper. The front section is then screwed on. You’re ready to write. Return the cap to the pen and ink flow is prevented to enter the feed. A ‘viewing’ window is placed on the side of the body to examine your level. It’s ingeniously simple and at the same time mechanically brilliant. And unique. 

Nexus is offered in black or blue. You can choose either a stainless steel nib or the 14k. The pen’s finish is a flat anodized aluminum. The steel nib's trim is deeply chromed. The 14k nib is matched with gold trim. The cap turns on quickly with a reassuring snap. The elaborate box features a ‘filling station’, instructions, and a bottle of blue Diplomat ink.