Collection: Esterbrook Accessories

When you Need One, You Just Need One

Esterbrook Book Holder

Journalers, we heard you loud and clear. Those pesky pages kept turning and flipping while you were cutting. gluing or in mid-sentence while writing. Avid journalers themselves, Esterbrook knew they could create something that would lend their writing enthusiasts an extra hand. Meet the Book Holder. 

Steady as She Goes….

We are pleased to introduce you to Patience. This newest addition to Esterbrook’s desk accessories collection is your new desk buddy and confidant. Oh, and most importantly, a pen rest! Esterbrook pens fit perfectly!

Pack 'Em Up'

Choose a canvas pen roll or unique pen cup to store your pens while traveling or at home. 

Ribbit, Ribbit 

Hold onto your important documents or keep a special page open with this friendly amphibian. 

What's the Buzz? 

Keep you page marked with these hardworkers, in either brushed gold or rold gold colors.