Collection: Esterbrook Estie The Raven

Blacker Than Black
Ravens have long held an almost mystical fascination in the human psyche. From Edgar Allen Poe to Norse mythology, depictions of ravens have long interested our storytelling.

Because of this history, Esterbrook was inspired to create a pen that has all the subtle, mysterious charm of the intelligent and curious corvid. Introducing the Estie Raven. With its matte black body and matching nib and trim, this pen is a departure from Esterbrook’s usual vibrant hues -- but no less exciting.

The Raven’s surface has a subtle and enticing feel as one holds the pen. Despite being ‘blacker than black,’ this attribute belies its dark coloration to provide a reassuring grip. The steel nib fountain pen is offered in EF through broad. It refills via cartridge or the included ink converter for bottle ink use. The rollerball takes a standard refill. We have a large selection. The twist top ballpoint, which is a super day to day writer, takes a standard Parker Style refill. The choices and across the board.