Collection: Esterbrook JR Paradise

Paradise Found

Pocketbooks. Breast pockets. Dress shirt pockets. Where have all the pockets gone? 

The “J” was Esterbrook’s sleek and suave 1950’s classic pocket pen that appealed to the practicality of their times. The ‘R’ has been appended to signify ‘J Revisited’. Today, a lighter pen clipped to a Polo shirt or jeans pocket is more in tune with our times. This is certainly not a mini pen. Its size is just perfect for ‘on the road’ enjoyment.

The new Paradise version is offered in three colors: Orange Sunset, Blue Breeze and Lemon Twist. The bodies are turned acrylic resin. The gold toned trim shines bright. The cap screws on. The cap also comfortably posts.

The fountain pen is available in extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. The pen fills with either cartridge or the included converter. And since Esterbrook hopes you’ll hold onto it forever, both the German JoWo nib and the top of the pen have been engraved with the Esterbrook Eternity symbol. The red cloth Esterbrook pen box is an added delight for collectors.