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Better Than the Revered Original

Introducing the new Esterbrook Model J - a timeless masterpiece that gracefully blends vintage charm with modern ingenuity. Crafted with exquisite ebonite from Germany, this pen showcases a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation. Its iconic design, inspired by the beloved 1950's vintage model, pays homage to Esterbrook's rich heritage.

In the 1950’s, the Model J was the standard bearer for the Esterbrook company. Its reputation was built on the original J. The new Model J showcases the ‘throwback’ material, ebonite.

Equipped with a Jowo size 6 gold plated nib, available in various sizes, this pen promises an exceptional writing performance. Model J fills with the included converter or convenient international cartridges.

Delight in the subtle yet distinctive barrel engraving, adorned with the R. Esterbrook signature logo, while the grip section ensures extended writing comfort.

The J is encased in premium packaging, complete with a vintage-inspired sleeve adorned with Esterbrook factory imagery, the Esterbrook Model J is a timeless treasure waiting to grace your collection.

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