Collection: Estie

Modern Flourishes from an ‘Old’ Brand

Since 1858, the Esterbrook brand has featured fountain pens. You’d think after 160 years they’d produce a pretty fine pen! They do. Whether your choice is fountain, rollerball or ballpoint, your Esterbrook Estie, will write like it has a century and a half of experience. 

The Estie is a typical size and weight. The blended and turned acrylic resin is striking. Hand-finished to a gleaming shine, you’ll admire your purchase with every stroke. The trim is a gold tone. The Esterbrook ‘Cushion Cap Closure’ is just a push and single twist. It’s designed to seal the nib to ensure a wet point securely. The handy ballpoint is a favored twist to deploy writer. Join the Esterbrook world of pen owners; they’ve been around for about 150 years!