Collection: Fountain Pen Refills for Cross

Cross Pen Lovers - Patience is a Virtue

Cross is experiencing manufacturing issues.  We hope they will be resolved shortly.  There have been major delays in delivery of all their refills -- and then magically some show up.  But the queues are long.  Please be prepared for a delay in delivery to you.  If you do not see your desired option listed, it means we are not selling that backordered product at this time. 

Your Cross fountain pen takes one of two different sized ink cartridges.

Slim Cross fountain pens like the Century Classic and Spire series use a SLIM ink cartridge.

Regular diameter fountain pens use the standard Cross ink cartridge. If you received an ink converter with your Cross fountain pen, then you have a standard size, as there was never a converter available for the slim fountain pens. If you want to put that converter to use, look at all the bottled ink colors and brands below. If you want to purchase a converter but are unsure which one you need, give us a call at 720.259.1601. That can be a little tricky.