Collection: Ink Bottles

The Versatile Ink Bottle

If your fountain pen is 'piston fill' or has an ink converter, you are at the right place for your bottled ink needs. You can also use bottle ink to fill empty cartridges. Some customers like to have a full bottle on-hand and just fill a cartridge or two ‘for the road’. You’ll find these ‘empties under "Private Reserve Ink Essentials".

After years of searching and testing, Colorado Pen introduces our own private label ink from deep in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Drawing this velvety, specially formulated ink into your favorite fountain pen or InkBall is a pleasure. Forming letters and jotting off a quick signature is enthralling.

Combine the ancient art of fountain pen writing with state-of-the-art in ink technology. This revolutionary formula contains a lubricant to clean and protect your nib, and reduce clogging. Conveniently, this formula resists drying if your pen is idle for short durations.

We also endorse the entire range of Private Reserve inks. We like this brand for all its special formulations. We also offer Waterman and Parker branded inks.