Collection: Maiora Alpha

Value. From Italy. New Maiora Alpha!

All About the Resin
This exciting new introduction from Maiora, the Alpha, deserves your attention. You don’t own anything like this in your collection. The resin colors combine to create a mesmerizing effect. The clear resin used provides depth and emphasizes that no two pens could possibly be alike. Or even close. All these marvelous resin combinations are sourced from within Italy, by design. Choose from Orogrigio, Ercolano or Pompei.

Filling Flexibility
The pen has been designed to not only accommodate a traditional cartridge or a converter for bottle ink but also to allow for filling the entire barrel with ink. Should you wish, simply twist off the nib section and use an eyedropper to fill the barrel’s interior with up to 5.5ml of ink. A special rubber o-ring at the base assures no leaks. Write on.

Shining Attributes
The trim of the Alpha is sterling silver plated with 24k gold. The clip features a rolling ball for ease and security. The medium weight of the pen is perfect for long writing sessions or a quick note to a friend. The free-flowing stainless-steel nib is available in extra fine, fine, medium and broad. The cap screws on for a secure closure.

Value. From Italy.
We think for the selling price of this fine pen you could not find a better value. Considering its amazing resin, the triple filling system opportunity and its free-flowing nib, it’s hands down a winner. Alpha deserves to be in every enthusiast’s collection.