Collection: Maiora Aventus

Triumphant Return

The Maiora Pen company is managed by Nino Marino, the former co-founder and president of the Delta Pen Company. He and his experienced staff are producing some exquisite hand-made jewels in Naples, Italy. We sold the Delta brand for decades. Now, even finer gems are starting to emerge from Maiora. The Aventus is one of the new collections we’re honored to present.

Sparkling in red and blue with palladium trim, Aventus captures the excitement of Maiora. These resins are hand-selected and then finished to a gleaming presence. The shiny black version is trimmed in gold tones to offer a traditional look. The brand and your individual series number are subtly laser engraved on the barrel.

The fountain pen is unique by design. Crafty design. It fills via a typical standard international cartridge or the included converter. But here’s where it gets inventive. You can simply unscrew the top cap from the barrel and there is an extension provided which activates your converter. How convenient is that for bottle ink users? The nib is stainless steel and provided by JoWo (#6 size). It flows easily and writes with minimal touch. We offer extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad nibs.