Collection: Maiora Ultra Ogiva Ti 22

It’s All About the Nib

The Ogiva Ti 22 limited edition collection introduces Teti and Gea, two creations inspired by the Titans, the primordial forces of the cosmos of Greek mythology, celebrating their uniqueness and greatness.  This collection stands out for the exclusive use of titanium nibs, a material renowned for its extraordinary resistance and lightness. Only 188 pieces each of the fountain pen and rollerball are available world-wide. This will sell out quickly.

Titanium, known for its exceptional properties, offers unparalleled flexibility and durability, ensuring a smooth and flawless writing experience.  These nibs not only embody technological innovation but also pay homage to the ancient tradition of manual writing with an ‘ultra modern’ twist of Titanium. 

The fountain pen’s available nib choices are extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. The nib as mentioned is crafted from pure Titanium, rare in fountain pen offerings. The fill is by piston. Maiora’s filling system works flawlessly giving you a strong reservoir and the ability to monitor your ink remaining through a small transparent window. The rollerball is perfectly balanced and allows for liquid writing with refill options of various points sizes and technologies.

The pen is hand-turned from a solid bar of special resin. The appointments are palladium plated. The central ring is sterling silver.