Collection: Montegrappa Quattro

Contemporary Statement

QUATTRO is a new family of Montegrappa Contemporary writing instruments offering peerless mechanical handmade modernism and Italian refinement in every detail. Materials and design are inspired by horology: the Montegrappa QUATTRO complements the hand – and the wrist – with crisply finished metals and a sapphire-crystal crown. Heavy, steel fittings are precision-finished for high surface contrast, then sealed with vivid tints. Metal accents underline peerless Italian performance, while increasing downforce. Bold geometric lines and immaculate finishing define Montegrappa Contemporary styling. Experience confident, dynamic performance in rollerball, ballpoint, or fountain pen modes.

The fountain pen sports a 14k gold nib and is available in extra fine, fine, medium or broad. It fills via a cartridge or the included converter. Montegrappa’s solid gold nibs are a wonder to behold. A soft touch draws the ink effortlessly through the feed. 

The two-piece capped rollerball flows with liquid ink technology. The twist action ballpoint is perfectly balanced and a great partner for everyday writing.

The viewed from any angle, the Montegrappa QUATTRO Contemporary is a power pen which will command any room. Montegrappa QUATTRO is an expression of uncompromising strength.