Collection: Montegrappa Scarabeo Special Edition

Most Fun Fine Writer Ever?

Italian eccentricity and a shared love for language are the foundations of an engaging new Limited Edition. Created to mark sixty years of Italy’s favorite word game, Scarabeo is fashionable, fun and defiantly different: giving writers more ways than usual to create their own winning words.
A special edition of 300 fountain pens and rollerballs steeped in playful spirit and obsessive, handcrafted detailing. The 14k fountain pen and rollerball arrive in a game authentic case. The fountain pen is accompanied by a custom bottle of Scarabeo ink!

Like standing breakfasts, Scarabeo is a ritual known by keen Italophiles, but rarely beyond. Since 1963, the board game invented by writer Aldo Pasetti has been a mainstay of Italian households, with its iconic design and charming quirks.

Marketed under the eccentric tagline, “the only word game with the scarab”, Scarabeo is often confused with a similarly named American game. Yet, for Italians, there is no question of its legitimacy. Italian availability predates that of Scrabble by more than twenty years.

Scarabeo has evolved from QUATTRO ¬– Montegrappa’s newest silhouette – Scarabeo features a custom blind cap and grooved barrel, engineered to accommodate 10 tiny tiles. Just like the game, two scarab tiles introduce a wildcard element – a lucky omen repeated on the pocket clip and a 14K gold fountain pen nib.
Scarabeo’s gameboard barrel is tactile and interactive, letting writers change out tiles to make their own winning words. Cut from woodgrain resin, every miniature piece is individually engraved and enameled – craftsmanship that honors the longevity of Editrice Giochi’s bestselling game. You can even order a set of additional tiles of your choice to make the Scarabeo your own game.

With components made of sapphire crystal and palladium steel, Scarabeo is just as resilient, and deceptively refined. Its scarlet resin cap dazzles with all-over engraved relief: jumbled letters that evoke an unlikely icon.

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