Collection: Monteverde Invincia

Invincia. A ‘Must Have’.

Monteverde’s Invincia Collection stands out as one of the best-selling fine writing instruments of the last 25 years. Since its introduction, Invincia in all its forms has sold in the hundreds of thousands around the world. That’s just amazing.

Over the years, incremental technical improvements have been introduced as technology advanced. The fountain pens now utilize one of the world’s most respected German nibs from JoWo. The ballpoint has an action with the same feel as a $500+ pen.

The ballpoint refill, due to its Parker-Style design, allows for an amazing selection of inks, colors, and point sizes. The rollerball accepts not just a Liquid Ink rollerball refill but a Fineliner as well as a Fiber Tip.

Invincia’ s versatility, designs and long-term high performance make it a ‘must have’ for every pen aficionado.