Collection: Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Limited Edition Invincia Abalone

A Stunner!

Since 1978, Monteverde USA has steadily built a brand around outstanding value. Today, they leap into collector status. Monteverde has combined their best-selling collection, Invincia, with their best-selling finish, Abalone. Meet the Limited Edition Invincia Abalone. A treasure to possess.

The Invincia is known for its weight, balance, and quality engineering. They are timeless. We see fountain pens returned for a cleaning bought 20 years ago. They just keep performing. The Abalone shell is applied in what appears to be facets. It’s buried under a deep coat of clear lacquer. The Abalone shimmers as light reflects off the treasured shell.

The fountain pen’s German made JoWo steel nib has been sold in thousands of pens. It takes either cartridges or the included converter for bottle ink. The rollerball accepts a wide selection of refills. The twist-top ballpoint uses the standard Parker Style ballpoint. We offer this in a myriad of colors and point sizes.


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