Collection: Monteverde Limited Edition Regatta Demonstrator Rainbow

‘Demonstrator’ Informative, Entertaining and Fun!

We’re proud to introduce the Regatta Demonstrator Rainbow, the latest luxury addition to one of the most unique collections. Like a rainbow in a clear sky, this new Regatta combines the beauty of a rainbow’s blue and purple hues to create a continuous play of mystic colors. The ‘demonstrator’ feature serves to entertain as well as inform.

The pen features alluring rainbow gradient trims between durable carbon fiber and premium transparent resin sections. The key was to meticulously handcraft this clear resin with artisan precision. The pen features an air-tight magnetic closure keeps the nib ready for the pen’s next nib’s stroke. 

The Regatta Demonstrator Rainbow collection is limited to 1999 pieces of each mode. The fountain pen ships with a Jowo premium nib which is available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad or Omniflex. A threaded ink converter is included. The pen uses standard international ink cartridges. The capped rollerball accepts the most common rollerball refill we offer.

Choose the optional Pineider Ink Level rollerball refill or ink converter to see your ink reserve. Each pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a custom-designed sleeve.