Collection: Monteverde Monza 3

A Clear Intro to Fountain Pens 101

Express your creativity with a different nib for each occasion! The Monza 3 is offered in three colors, as well as a clear version.  Three easily removable complete front sections accompany a trio of stainless-steel nibs. Attach the Fine or Medium or try the revolutionary new Omniflex™ nib. Have fun while watching your pen’s ink flow through the clear ink feed. See the cartridge’s reserve through the polished see through body.

The unique Omniflex nib adapts to every curve which allows for various line variations as you write. The Medium nib is great for quickly recording meeting notes or jotting thoughts in a diary. The Fine nib works perfectly for crafting personal greeting cards or dashing off a note to an associate.

Each Monza 3 demonstrator Set comes with three front sections, three ink converters and two ink cartridges to get you started. The box can be used to store your kit’s contents.

If you're new to fountain pens, this is a great way to experience various nibs.