Collection: Monteverde Monza ID

Your Choice: Cartridge, Converter or Eye Dropper

Monza I.D. features a modern, eye-catching design adorned with chrome accents inside and out. The polished clear body shows off the pen’s inner workings, catching the light and allowing your ink to shine. Comfortable in hand, this pen is suited for everyday writing, perfect for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as well as seasoned experts. The OmniFlex nib system allows you to choose a fine line or a very broad line. It flexes based upon your pressure.

Eye Dropper Filling System

The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and posts at the end of the barrel. You can choose to use standard international ink cartridges or a converter (included). Plus, as a bonus it is also an eyedropper pen. Included with the pen is an eyedropper for filling the entire barrel. Real simple and easy to fill. The barrel holds 5ml of ink that will keep you writing for a long, long time. 

Each Monza I.D. pen is packaged with two standard international ink cartridges and two 2ml vials of black ink You can also choose the converter or of course, the eye dropper.