Collection: Monteverde Regatta Sport

Nautical Inspiration

The Monteverde Regatta Sport features bands of color inspired by sailing flags. Blue and yellow make a flashy statement. The orange and black carbon fiber has a more subtle look. Gunmetal trim protects your investment while looking refined.

Regatta is known for two traits. One, it features a strong magnetic closure for both capping and posting the fountain and rollerball pens. Customers comment about this closure which is secure and leaves no doubt. The second trait is the heftiness of this pen. It’s no lightweight.

The weight and balance of this collection creates a fun writing experience. Fountain pens fill with standard international ink cartridges or a piston ink converter (included). The flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium or broad. The ballpoint accepts standard Parker Style refills. The capped rollerball accepts our widely offered rollerball in a plethora of colors and tips. Sail away!