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Super MEGA “The Largest Carbon Fiber Pen Ever Made”

Upon the release of the Super MEGA Collection, Monteverde founder Yair Greenberg issued this statement. “In my 44 years at YAFA, this pen is one of our biggest innovations to-date. To make a carbon fiber pen is difficult. To make one in a super size is super difficult. I take pride in my ‘Super’ product team who helped me create the largest ever carbon fiber writing instrument”.

Big News!
The Mega™ collection is one of the oldest and most successful Monteverde USA® collections. Initially launched solely as an InkBall pen, Mega quickly gained worldwide recognition for its extraordinary performance and unique design. It has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious publications including the New York Times.

The Mega is well-known among pen aficionados for its substantial size, durability, and exceptional writing performance. The size of the pens is actually the typical ‘oversize’. Quite comfortable to hold and use.

The new Super Mega Carbon Fiber brings the writing experience to another level. Carbon fiber is a polymer, a material made of a long, repeating chain of molecules or macromolecules, which produces a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Also featured is an easy-to-use rolling ball clip.

The design of the Monteverde Super Mega Carbon Fiber features elegantly contoured carbon fiber treated with a clear protective layer on the cap and barrel, making it comfortable in hand and extremely durable.

The Super Mega Carbon collection is available in two distinctive trims, rose gold and gunmetal. It’s offered in three modes: fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. The fountain pen is equipped with a German-made premium stainless steel #6 JoWo nib engraved with the Monteverde USA logo and fills via a standard cartridge or threaded converter (included). The nib is available in fine, medium, broad and Omniflex point sizes.

The traditional two-piece capped rollerball accepts standard international rollerball refills. The twist-action ballpoint accepts a standard Parker-style refill. Each Monteverde USA pen is shipped in a luxury green gift box. We have a multitude of ballpoint and rollerball refills to personalize your pen.

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