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Annual Laser Engraving Error Sale

We laser engrave a lot of pens. Thousands a year. We make errors in spelling, sometimes the pen will shift, or we simply were not 100% satisfied with our effort. Consequently, we accumulate pens from $25 to $750 that become homeless. That’s depressing.

In the past, our customers have jumped at the opportunity to get a pretty nice pen at a significantly reduced price. We both win. No wasted pens. You get to try a pen that was maybe above your budget, possibly an ‘outrageous’ color or a new writing mode.

Make no mistake however, your pen will have someone’s name or corporate logo next to the clip. Pens are shown without any engravings. Your choice will have an error of some type. All pens are brand new and perfect.

We’ve taken a deep markdown on these goods. They usually sell quickly. As items sell out, they will be marked ‘Out of Stock’. Purchases from our Engraving Errors Sale are ‘Final Sale’, no returns.

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