Collection: Otto Hutt Design 06

Perfection Achieved

Otto Hutt’s product designer has put a lot of thought into how an already perfect writing instrument can be made better. His wonderful solution: The design 06 convinces with a new edition in the processing quality. The sleeves are made of solid material. Features include Otto Hutt’s characteristic spring clip. The rounded contours and surfaces have been milled with special diamond tools,. The fountain pen nestles perfectly in the hand. The ballpoint feels purposeful. The color-lacquered and multi-coated surface ensures overwhelming writing pleasure thanks to its tactile, pleasant feel.

Lovers of Otto Hutt writing instruments appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they buy them: Each Otto Hutt branded pen is unique, provided with a six-digit code that is engraved on the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unmistakably and – for a lifetime.

The fountain pen ships with a free-flowing steel nib in line widths of extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad. 

A converter is included for the use of bottled ink. Standard international cartridges fit of course. Ballpoints and rollerballs use our most common refills. Up your writing game to this example of writing instrument excellence.