Collection: Otto Hutt Design 07

“Like a Hot Knife Through Butter”

Please excuse that tired phrase but it succinctly describes exactly what it feels like to put this 18k nib to paper. And then, there is the awe-striking beauty.

Design 07 is the quintessence of design perfection. Design and functionality combined into an energetic body. A bow to the beauty of clear forms. Strong and elegant. Small elements like a spring clip, masterfully developed and executed in perfection.

Using approximately 36 grams of silver, an 18-carat gold nib in XL format, the Design 07 Otto Hutt fountain pen is a clearly superior writing instrument. It is obvious what a valuable writing instrument you hold in your hands. 

The trim is coated with high-quality platinum. This protects the surface and ensures unmistakable shine. The Otto Hutt received a prize at the European Luxury Packing Award for the packaging of design 07.

Lovers of Otto Hutt writing instruments appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they acquire them: Every product of the Otto Hutt brand is unique, provided with a six-digit numerical code, which is engraved in the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unambiguously and – for a lifetime.