Collection: Parker Sonnet Arrow

For Those Who Move the World Forward

The Arrow Collection features a design rooted in Parker values; the cap is inspired by the Parker arrow symbolizing Parker’s pioneering attitude. The unique barrel is lacquered in Parker grey. The appointments are 23k gold.

Parker Sonnet Arrow fountain pens are available in two nib sizes - fine and medium. The nib is a rare 18k solid gold. The Arrow Collection includes a rollerball and ballpoint. The Parker Arrow Collection is a highly desirable gift that will satisfy the most demanding writers. It’s a must collectable due to its Special Edition status.

Parker’s Sonnet Arrow delivers a truly exceptional, confident writing experience. The Sonnet’s sophisticated styling and luxury finishes satisfy the demanding needs of masters in their field who leverage every possible detail to ensure their success. With its intricate detailing and reassuring weight, Sonnet Arrow Collection offers great precision for a truly exceptional writing experience. Parker’s Arrow Collection Sonnet lets you be the author of your success.